About Coder Dojo

A bit of history

CoderDojo is a not-for-profit organization founded by James Whelton & Bill Liao. It was first started in James Whelton’s school in early 2011 when James received some publicity after hacking the iPod Nano and some younger students expressed an interest in learning how to code. He setup a computer club in his school (PBC Cork) where he started teaching basic HTML and CSS.

Later that year he met Bill Liao, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who was interested in growing the project into something bigger than just an after-school computer club. In June 2011 the first CoderDojo was launched in the National Software Centre in Cork where CoderDojo saw extreme success. The Cork Dojo saw people travelling from Dublin frequently to attend sessions. Owing to this popularity a Dublin Dojo was launched soon after in Google’s Montevetro building. The increasing success lead to the setup of more Dojos around Ireland and subsequently around the world.

Whats behind the name CoderDojo?

As Bill Liao said  “..it could just as easily have been called the ‘Really Cool Saturday Computer Coding Club” but that wouldn’t have the same ring to it..”