Register Attendance

We use the app to help coordinate the attendance at our Dojo.

Once your child has been offered a place at our Dojo please register your details on and then click on the link below to join our group –

On the go? Then use the smartphone app to save time!

Android –

iPhone –

Our Attendance Policy

To help us manage our Dojo and provide opportunities to learn code to the maximum number of Ninjas in our locality we have a couple of policies in respect of attendance:

  1. If a Ninja that is newly awarded a place at our Dojo but doesn’t show up on the first night without letting us know it is our approach to put this Ninja back on our waiting list.
  2. If a Ninja has been attending for a period of time but is then unavoidably unable to make a number of Dojos in succession (for example holiday breaks) then the Ninja has the opportunity to return to the Dojo but the maximum number of missed sessions in succession is 3.